Factors that could be affecting your gut health

Have you noticed that there has been a dramatic spike in food allergies, mood disorders, autoimmune and inflammatory conditions?

This is basically due to the modern composition of our guts.

What affects the integrity of our gut?

To name just a few:

1. Chronic stress

2. Overuse of antibiotics

3. Inadequate sleep

4. Lack of physical exercise

5. Processed foods + high sugar/low fibre diets

6. Our modern environment being too hygienic (basically not exposing ourselves to as many bacteria as we use to)

Poor gut health is tied to almost every disease, as this is where over 70% of our immune system lies and where inflammation often begins. The integrity of our gut can make us thin or fat, healthy or sick, happy or depressed – which is why it is important to keep our microbiome well balanced.

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