Can drinking more water aid in fat-loss?

When looking for sustainable fat-loss, I think a lot of people tend to overcomplicate things. There are basic things your body needs in order to allow an environment for fat-loss, and if you’re not doing these things… the likelihood of losing fat is pretty low.

When you are not meeting your basic needs, your body can start breaking down your muscle for energy and storing body fat. Think about is this way: Your body will try to keep you alive before it focuses on your goal of having a 6-pack.

Forget the diet pills, unnecessary supplements and chronic cardio – start with simply drinking more water.

Why is water so important for fat loss? Water plays a key role in every chemical reaction within our cells.

Not only will you have less water retention (when you’re not drinking enough water, your body will hold onto what it has – hello survival mechanism), but it plays a major role in liver function to allow optimal fat oxidation.

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