Does calorie counting work?

Calorie counting may work in the short term, but more times than not – it is just a “quick fix” based on restriction.

Plain and simple: Solely focusing on calories in vs calories out is not a sustainable way of living.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe being aware, reading nutrition labels and learning about the macronutrient profiles in foods is so important – but being overly obsessive about weighing, measuring and tracking every bite that goes into your mouth is what I believe to be disordered eating.

Of course, counting calories may yield results, but it isn’t addressing the underlying cause.

While there could be many variables that contribute to why you are not at your goal weight, a very common reason is pure over-consumption.

Instead of counting calories, what about trying to address to root cause – it could be anything from a nutrient deficiency to a emotional eating as a coping mechanism for stress.

Achieving your goal weight by simply turning your nutrition into a math equation may give you short term satisfaction (or added stress), but sustainable weight loss comes from taking the time to be honest with yourself and addressing these issues (hormonal, metabolic, emotional etc) and allowing yourself to be at complete harmony with the mind, body and the soul.

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