Can your plastic water bottle/tupperware be causing you to have a hormone imbalance?

Plastics are “xenoestrogens”, meaning they mimic estrogens in the body and they can bind to estrogen receptor sites, disrupting the body’s natural hormonal balance. 

High amounts of xenoestrogens in the body can alter the states of our natural hormones and specifically allow our progesterone and estrogen ratio to become imbalanced – throwing us into “estrogen dominance”.

This can affect both women and men. 

Have you ever left a plastic water bottle in the car/in direct heat and taken a sip later and it tasted funny?

That’s xenoestrogen water. 

Here are my top 5 tips on how you can minimize the amount of xenoestrogens you are exposed to –

  1. Ditch your plastic water bottle and choose a stainless steel bottle instead and consider getting a BPA travel coffee mug for your morning java every morning if you’re on the go!
  2. Switch from plastic Tupperware and plastic bags to glass Tupperware, and avoid storing leftovers in plastic!
  3. Avoid microwaving/heating your food in plastic containers and consuming acidic or oily foods wrapped/contained in plastic containers as the xenoestrogens can leech straight into the food.
  4. You can include hormone balancing herbs like milk thistle or turmeric into your health regime to help the body remove toxic estrogens!
  5. Do your best to be your healthiest self! Excess body fat can also be harmful when it comes to xenoestrogens as fat stores xenoestrogens!

Take home message: In today’s world, plastics are basically everywhere. I don’t think it is possible to completely avoid them – but you can definitely make simple switches and put forth effort to minimize your exposure to xenoestrogens to be your most balanced self!


  1. Hi Caroline, in regards to plastic, does it make a difference if it’s BPA free? And can I minimize/eliminate xenoestrogen exposure by only consuming cold or room temperature liquids or foods in BPA free plastic bottles/containers? I find that finding stainless steel water bottles big enough to facilitate the amount of water recommended for daily intake is hard/impossible. so I always find BPA free plastic bottles that hold up to 2 or more litres. Do you still recommend switching to stainless steel if these steps are taken?. Thanks in advance

    1. BPA free can sometimes be a better choice, although they are still found to leach estrogen disruptors. In fact, some BPA-free products can actually release different harmful chemicals. Stainless steel or glass is a better option 🙂

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