BV + UTI’s

Many of you know that I specialize in hormonal imbalances and digestive issues by addressing deficiencies through nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes.
Although vaginal health concerns like BV and UTI’s aren’t in my primary spectrum of work, I receive emails and DM’s about these issues daily.
Here is a little PSA of simple lifestyle recommendations to prevent recurrent BV + UTI’s. Please forward this on to whoever you think needs this:

1. A large amount of these bacterial infections comes from E.coli. How does this get there? Most likely from back to front motions. Most of us know you’re supposed to wipe from front to back, but when it comes to sex, it’s super important not to let this happen too. “But I don’t have anal sex.” Even if you’re not engaging in anal sex, don’t allow the lube or whatever you’re using to be applied near there, and moved forward. Keep in mind, some ingredients in what you are using as lube could potentially be causing an imbalance of bacteria. Also – pee after sex.
2. Avoid using deodorants or scented products in and around your vaginal area. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to wash inside your vagina with soap. It’s a self-cleaning machine. Let it do its thing, and clean the outside (with a fragrance-free wash). Douching can also disrupt the natural balance and allow less friendly bacteria to grow.
3. Bacteria love moist environments. Change your tampons/pads frequently. Change your underwear after working out. Dry your vaginal area after washing, swimming, and working out. When you hear “tight leggings or underwear breed bacteria,” it’s because these synthetic fabrics love to create a warm, moist environment (which bacteria love)
4. Stay hydrated! You’ll be using the restroom more, which will allow you to flush out your bladder and whatever bacteria could be congregating there.
5. If you find that you are still experiencing recurring infections, consult your health care provider to be referred to a specialist.

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