8 things to do with this photo

1. I looked in the mirror and just had a thought of “Damn – I am really happy with how I look right now”. Always celebrate those days.

2. Even though I don’t post as many workout videos as I used to, I still am very much into training. My top three favourite lower body exercises are squats, lunges and hip thrusts.

3. With my current travel schedule, I haven’t had access to the gym as much as I normally would – which is why my focus is on the quality of my training sessions (weight selection, rest periods, progressions etc) vs. the quantity (how many times I am training per week/how long I am actually in the gym for)

4. While sometimes it may feel counter-intuitive to take regular days off from the gym when trying to improve your fitness – rest and recovery is just as important as training. I take at least 1-2 rest days per week.

5. There are better ways to track your progress than the number on the scale (and you’re actually doing yourself a disservice if you just focus on your appearance). I focus on my mood, sleep, energy levels and how I actually feel about myself.

6. It’s important to set some realistic goals. Please stop comparing your body to other bodies you see online. Besides the obvious variables that go into someone else’s journey – their nutrition, training intensity, rest/recovery, age and simply genetics – most people are unknowingly trying to obtain “body goals” from the explore page that are mainly made up of photoshop and plastic surgery.

7. I don’t diet or restrict myself from foods I love – my focus is on consistency and sustainability. I am mindful and eat to satisfy. I focus on nourishment, not restriction. I work  with my metabolism, not against it.

8. No ones health and fitness journey is linear. Your journey should be focused on getting yourself on a better track and learning to love yourself through all the stages. It’s a never ending journey, so learn to enjoy the ride.

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