What is the difference between consuming 30g of protein from a chicken breast vs 30g of protein from a protein shake?

All protein isn’t created equal. Consuming 30g of protein from a chicken breast is not the same as consuming 30g of protein from a protein shake. Are you consuming the majority of your protein macros as shakes and wondering why you aren’t seeing the results you want?


1. Absorption rate. A protein shake will digest faster than a whole food. Different absorption rates will cause different effects on blood sugar levels (not to mention, whey protein is insulinogenic – which means it stimulates the production of insulin)

2. Metabolism. Whole foods have the ability to stimulate your metabolism more due to the “thermic effect”. This means by consuming more whole foods and having to go through the digestion process vs protein shakes that require little to no digestion, you can speed up your metabolic rate by utilizing more energy.

3. Processing and sources. A lot of protein powders can be filled with highly processed/synthetic ingredients vs. a high quality sourced chicken breast, that is just a chicken breast. Another big issue when it comes to processing/sourcing is incorrect labelling and protein spiking – you might not actually be consuming what you believe to be consuming.

4. I know a lot of people cook with their protein powders. Cooking with these proteins can actually de-nature the protein. Heating the protein powder won’t decrease its nutrition, but it may decrease its solubility – which is why many people might notice digestive issues after consuming protein waffles, mug cakes etc.

TAKE HOME MESSAGE: Protein shakes are a great SUPPLEMENT into your daily routine, but there is a time and a place for them. I would only recommend 1-2 servings per day, and get the rest of your protein from whole food sources!

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