What should I look for in a protein bar?

I don’t eat protein bars on the daily, but I think they are perfect in a pinch or when I am travelling!

Personally, when I choose a protein bar – I look for a bar with a balanced carb/fat/protein ratio and wholesome nutrients that will actually keep me satiated vs low calorie bars without any usable energy that just make me more hungry.

Instead of choosing one with the least amount of calories or carbohydrates – I recommend choosing one that fulfills the nutritional requirements of a meal or contains the amount of nutrients that measure up to your needs (example: if you’re having one after an intense workout, I wouldn’t recommend a bar that’s basically all fibre)

When choosing a protein bar, I look for one that is:

    1. High in protein
    2. Gluten free
    3. No sugar alcohols (If you’re choosing a low carb bar, chances are they have sugar alcohols. I try to avoid them because they make me bloat)
    4. Sugar content less than or around 10g. I personally don’t think natural sugars are bad for you (especially when combined with a slow digesting carbohydrate), but I like to minimize my sugar intake when possible)
    5. No Artificial Colours/Ingredients



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