How often should you incorporate “rest days”?

How often should you incorporate “rest days”?

Some days your body just needs a good rest day!

You need to allow yourself the mindset that resting isn’t slacking and that your body actually needs time to recover to be at it’s best!

Many people are in the mindset of restricting calories on non-training days or feeling food guilt because they have not “earned” their food – but the truth is, your body needs the nutrition to allow optimal recovery on rest days!

Everybody is different and there are so many variables that go into determining how often one should rest based on their goals and current/past history.

I personally believe that nobody knows your body better than you – which means only you can really determine the frequencies of your rest days!

Be mindful of the signals your body gives you – if you are super sore/fatigued/cranky, you likely need to rest.

It’s also important to determine what a “rest day” means to you.

Some people will take day off any physically taxing exercise and some may engage in more active types of rest like a light walk or yoga.

While sometimes it may feel counter-intuitive to take regular days off from the gym when trying to improve your health – overtraining is a real thing and it can negatively impact your health (not to mention, hinder your progress) if you aren’t allowing your body to heal in between workouts.

I personally like to take a couple active rest days a week.

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