Can eating at restaurants hinder your weight-loss progress?

Out of all of the excuses I’ve heard on why people can’t lose weight (I think I’ve heard almost all of them) – “Due to _________, I have to eat out at restaurants often” is one of the most common ones.

Trust me when I say, it’s totally possible to eat out and still achieve your weight-loss goals.

You just need to order smarter.

It’s choosing water instead of consuming empty calories from sugary beverages (and choosing soda water as a mix with alcohol vs pop)

It’s choosing to ask for dressings and sauce on the side  so you can gauge how much you actually want vs consuming unnecessary calories.

It’s choosing a side salad over french fries.

It’s choosing grilled or baked options over fried.

It’s choosing to go with the starter bread or dessert to finish – not both.

It’s choosing to be consistent with choosing better options.

How do you still eat healthy when you eat at restaurants?

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