Let’s talk sustainable wardrobes.

Let’s talk sustainable wardrobes.

I’ve personally curated a timeless closet of pieces (think lbds, bodysuits, silk dress shirts, classic denim, blazers etc) that I can mix and match, and wear for years to come.

I am huge fan of quality over quantity (+ taking good care of them), and consignment shopping/buying/selling pre-owned clothes. Not only does consignment shopping allow you to purchase high quality pieces for a fraction of the cost, it also gives you the opportunity to put some extra cash in your pocket by selling items that you don’t wear anymore. Buying and selling pre-owned fashion is the best and easiest way to promote environmental sustainability with your wardrobe. If you have no idea what’s going on with the fast fashion industry, I’d highly recommend looking into it. The fashion industry is one of the highest environmental polluters.

I think a lot of people think it’s strange to wear clothing that other people have worn – but when you think about it, almost everything you buy “new” in a store has been tried on by a multitude of people.
I rarely buy things new. I throughly enjoy finding unique pieces that you won’t find any where else, and styling them into a way that’s cool to me. To me, personal style will always beat the latest fashion trends.

I consistently clear my closet of all of the items I don’t use anymore and drop them off at a consignment shop. Clutter subconsciously adds stress and feelings of anxiety to our lives – and if you’re not wearing it, it’s probably just clutter.

I can’t explain how good it feels to let items go and have no emotional attachment to them.

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