I am a Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner that is very passionate about whole foods and their natural healing properties!

I am dedicated to guiding individuals to become their own health advocates.

My mission is to give genuine information on health and nutrition while empowering individuals to lead healthier lives.

I believe in bio-individuality and that there is no “one size fits all” approach.

Whether you are struggling with digestive issues, a hormonal imbalance or simply looking for a more sustainable way to achieve your weight-loss goals - I will show you that it is possible, in a way that works best for your lifestyle!

You can connect with me through social media on all of my social networks.

Love and wellness,
Caroline Candace


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Nutritional Consulting

I am a firm believer in bio-individuality. This means that there is no “one size fits all” approach to optimal health. I will work with you to address specific health concerns and help determine the root causes of your troubles, instead of just masking your symptoms with a bandage.

Together, we create a strategy that fits all of your individual needs to restore balance back in your life.