Eggs are considered “natures perfect food”.


They’re a great source of protein (roughly about 6g per egg) containing all of the essential amino acids we need, as well a little bit of every nutrient we need to thrive.

I know a lot of people avoid eggs because “they are high in cholesterol which is bad for you”.

It is important to know that dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol are not the same thing.

Only a portion of cholesterol in foods end up as cholesterol in the blood.

Eating foods that are high in saturated and trans fats are actually proven to be much more of a threat to those with high cholesterol and have a much greater effect on blood cholesterol levels.

If you do have high cholesterol, it is important to take into consideration how much saturated/trans fat you are intaking especially if you are eating a diet rich in fried foods etc vs solely looking at cholesterol levels on food labels.

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