Should I avoid dairy to restore a hormonal imbalance?

When looking to restore a hormonal imbalance, I always recommend avoiding common known allergens.

Dairy can be a factor in many hormonal related conditions as it raises insulin levels in the body and can work to throw off your body’s own estrogen levels due to antibiotics/artificial growth hormones.

Of course, everyone is different and no ones hormonal imbalance will look the same – but when looking to restore an any imbalance, just use common sense!

When looking to restore a hormonal imbalance, does it make sense to be consuming over 50 different hormones from another mammal (in one glass of milk)? Probably not.

When dealing with hormonal acne – I always recommend avoiding dairy, as it causes your skin to produce excess sebum (oil), which leads to acne, clogged pores, inflammation and bacteria.

If you’re worried about cutting out dairy and not getting enough calcium – kale, almonds and dried figs are just a few great options of foods that are packed with calcium.

Do you consume dairy?

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