Crazy mood swings, intense cramping, severe bloating, extreme fatigue are just normal symptoms of PMS right? Wrong.

Of course – breast tenderness, bloating, cramps and some discomfort before or during menstruation is normal, but it is important to pay attention to the signals our bodies give us and realize when something could be going wrong.

I don’t recommend self-diagnosis, but I encourage you to become more aware and use your menstrual cycle as a tool to become more in tune with your body!

The frequency (or infrequency), the colour, the flow, spotting and the pain of your menstrual cycle are all indicators of the state of your hormonal and metabolic health.

It is important to know that the adrenal glands play a key role in the production of hormones.

During the follicular phase – a large amount of progesterone is actually produced in the adrenal glands. This means, if a woman’s adrenal glands are not functioning at their best, she will likely have exacerbated premenstrual symptoms. By keeping your cortisol levels in check, you will allow an optimal environment for balance.

Excess estrogen in the body is also a major culprit of severe PMS symptoms.

I highly recommend focusing on liver health and improving gut health (digestion and elimination) to allow adequate processing of estrogen within the body.

If you are also someone who experiences chronic yeast infections – It is likely due to Estrogen Dominance.

It is also important to be aware that early signs of endometriosis are often mistaken as PMS (Estrogen dominance being a major factor in endometriosis).

If you believe you are suffering from Estrogen Dominance – I highly recommend checking out “The Hormone Reboot – Estrogen Dominance” in the guide section of my website.

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