A dry-air environment and travel stress (remember that there is more to travel stress than just delayed flights -sitting for long periods of time, the dramatic change of pressure or crossing multiple time zones are all considered stress) can be a perfect storm breakouts. 

My advice: 

1. Stay hydrated to decrease water retention (aka puffy face). I personally buy a large bottle of spring water and a small bottle of coconut water (it’s high in potassium, which helps flush sodium out of the body) for my flight. 

2. Moisturize! I personally like to use an oil based lotion. In a dry environment, not only can your skin become red, dry or trigger an inflammatory skin condition flare up (eczema etc), but your skin actually tries to counteract the dry air with increased oil production (aka greasy skin). I’m currently using an oil-based face balm from my skincare line that is coming out in the coming months. 

3. Do your best to go “make-up free”, as heavy face make-up can dry your skin out even more! Make up is known to hold onto environmental toxins (I try not to think about what is recirculating in cabin air) which can result in collagen breakdown (aka how wrinkles form) 

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