If I’m on a short flight, I prefer not to eat during flight as I try to reduce the amount of stress I put on my body.

Sitting for long periods of time, the dramatic change of pressure or crossing multiple time zones is considered stress, and adding hard to digest foods into the mix can put a lot of added stress on your body – which is why many travellers become bloated/constipated post-flight.

Of course, if I’m on a longer flight, I’m going to need some sort of nutrition which is why I like to consume butter coffee as it is easy to digest and full of what I like to call “brain food” (organic grass fed butter, organic coconut oil, organic egg yolk and organic vanilla). Among its many benefits, it provides lasting energy and increases mental acuity!

Red eye flights are pretty brutal for putting a damper on your circadian rhythm (but they are actually great in terms of reducing radiation almost as much as 99% since the sun isn’t beaming on airplane) – but drinking coffee in the morning is a great way to raise your cortisol levels and one of the ways you can regulate your circadian rhythm when travelling.

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