Being metabolically efficient is basically the measure of how well your body utilizes fat as an energy source.

When you are metabolically efficient, you should feel satiated for hours after a meal, have consistent energy levels and be able to maintain weight without following a specific diet. 

On the other end of the spectrum – those who are metabolic inefficient will usually have low energy (as they have a hard time accessing their stored energy in fat cells), find themselves always hungry (like, truly hungry) and tend to gain weight easily (and even a harder time trying losing it)

But how did I become metabolically efficient?

I utilize fasting protocols and macronutrient partitioning. I also exercise in a way that allows me to tap into my stored energy. 

It may sound complex, but once you have proper guidelines to follow – you likely find it a lot easier to reach this point. This is why in all of my guides – I include fasting protocols and designed the nutrition protocols the way I have. 

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