What is Insulin Resistance? How do I know if I have this imbalance?

Are you experiencing symptoms of excess abdominal fat, constant hunger/sugar cravings, frequent urination or high blood pressure?

You might be suffering from Insulin Resistance.

In the simplest form: Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas that helps control glucose (blood sugar) within the body.

In a healthy individual – the bloodstream carries glucose to cells, and insulin signals the cells to absorb the glucose to use it as fuel.

With an individual with insulin resistance, the body’s cells become resistant to the signals of insulin.

Insulin resistance is generally not caused by one factor and there are many factors that can negatively affect your insulin levels.

These factors include:

– Chronic stress

– Refined sugars and carbohydrates

– Vitamin/mineral deficiencies

– High fructose consumption (which includes fruit!)

– Lack of sleep

– Excessive exercise

The good thing is – It is totally possible to re-establish your insulin sensitivity with nutrition, supplement and lifestyle changes!

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